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Hi there!

Welcome to Tween Fashion and Style Center – the home of tween fashion online! I know its hard to find fashionable tween clothing that both Mom’s and tweens can agree on. Luckily, more and more retailers are catching on to the need for stylish tween clothing and are producing some great clothes. Here at Tween Fashion.org, we love finding the best tween clothing out there and bringing it to you!

Growing up is a fun and exciting time, but it can also be a bit scary. Fitting in is important but so is expressing your own personal sense of style and just being yourself. Girls are starting to develop into quite fashion conscious and stylish individuals from the time they hit their tweens. Tweens need to be taken seriously as they experiment with self expression through fashion.

Tween fashion is all about personality. Bold colours, bright prints, contrasting stripes and fabrics are essential! Pretty soon, Tween Fashion and Style Center will be posting up some outfit guides to help you out. If an outfit makes you feel fabulous, its perfect!

Anyway, nice to meet you here at Tween Fashion.org. I hope you enjoy the tips and advice and find our Tween Clothing Stores Online list very helpful and convenient!